Glow Nail Bar 


If there’s one thing I love it’s getting  my nails done, but lately I have been jumping from nail salon to nail salon because I just haven’t been satisfied with the service. When I heard a new Nail Bar opened in my area , I had to check it out. 

Let me tell you this place is amazing , from the second you walk in you will fall in love. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. I didn’t even get to the top of the stairs and I was already being greated. They offer complimentary beverages (Coffee,Red Bull, Wine, Juices ect.) and appetizers for their guest which I have never seen any other nail salon do. 

You can see their gorgeous decor and mini bar. Don’t you just love it? Because I do ! 

My nail technician’s name was Erika, I loved that she took her time and did not rush. Unlike other nail salons GLOW books people by Appoitment’s which I though was great because that eliminates the need to rush with clients. They are working on launching a self booking app which is super convienient for clients. 

I went for a gel manicure. My base color was a pastel mint green and then she added what she called the “mermaid” effect. I loved it I couldn’t be happier with the way she filed my nails to the nail polish and service that was provided. I can finally say I found my “Home”.  

Glow Nail Bar is located on 416 Morris Avenue Elizabeth NJ. Follow them on Instagram @glownailbarsalon or call to book your appoitment 908-845-6004. 

I loved the decor so much I couldn’t help myself to snap some pictures. 

The spa chairs are super comfortable, you won’t want to get up from them. 


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