Gender Reveal 

Once I found out I was pregnant I could not wait to find out the gender. I was so anxious to find out what I was having. I really wanted a little girl, I swear I would pray every night to the universe for a baby girl. It’s kinda of weird but a part of me knew I was having a girl. Every time I would think about something to do with the baby for some reason it was always girl related. Of course like most men my husband was rooting for a boy.  As you can see he’s was wearing the team boy T-shirt.

So at 13 weeks along with my best friend Andrea  who is also expecting we made an appoitment with Peek A Boo Baby 3D Imaging to find out the gender. We decide to do this together since we were only 2 weeks apart and what better way to find out than with my best friend. Some people have asked us if we planned to get pregnant at the same time. I promise we did not plan it. 

We invited our close family and friends to my house and our best friend Mishel took care of fillling up the piñata. 

Below you can see the video of my reaction boy was I happy! 

We both used a gender reveal piñata in form of. Question mark which you can find at party city along with the rest of the decorations. 


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