Screening of the LION

Earlier this week I attended the private screening of the movie LION starting Nicole Kidman, Dev Patel and Rooney Mara hosted by The Moms and Natures Promise. I must say this is one of the most beautiful films that I have ever seen. The emotion and energy of this film is just phenomenal. The love and bond between a Mother and her child is unexplainable. The movie is a tearjerker so be prepare to cry…A lot. I would recommend this film to sons, daughters, children, mothers anyone who is over the age of 13 and respects what it means to be a mother. Heres a link to the movie trailer LION


Before the movie started we grabbed a few snacks from Natures Promise which you can purchase at Stop & Shop. My favorite product was there Organic Sweetened Peach Camomile tea. I am a big Ice Tea drinker and I must say this is surely one of my favorite teas.


After the movie was over, The Moms had a wondeful surprise for the audience they not only had Nicole Kidman come in but they also brought in Sunny Pawar the little boy who plays 5 year old Seru. I loved how honest Nicole Kidman was about how she parented her children, she also shared with us that her children are adopted so she had a deeper connection to this movie story line. Nicole shared that the last meal she cooked for her children was pasta , she also admitted that she’s more of a pushover than her husband when it came to the children. Sunny was so adorable, he shared with us that he has never acted before prior to this movie. I think he did such an amazing job in his role. I cant wait for this movie to come out i will be watching it again. Thank you to The Moms for hosting such a wonderful and fun event.


Lillie from jersey fashionista and I went to Central Park after the movie screening and walked around for a bit. We took some pictures before we got to cold. 



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