Coming Soon 2017



_MG_9875-X2.jpgWow Its been way to long since my last blog post on my trip to Texas. So much has changed. I am thrilled to announce that about A month ago I discovered that I am expecting. I have a very tiny baby bump, if you know me and see me on a daily basis then you would be able to tell, but if not you probably wouldnt notice unless I tell you. Today my baby is 2 months and 2 weeks. I had my first sonogram earlier this month below you can see the first image.

I am so anxious to finding out the sex. Everyone keeps asking me what I want, and honestly I dont really have a preference. Although I dont have a prefence I cant wait to find out. I feel like ill be able to communicate with my little one better once I know the gender. My due date is July 21. 2017. Yes !  A summer baby ! My husband and my birthday are both in the winter so we were so glad that we will get to plan our babys birthday parties in the summer.

About a weeek ago I did my first photoshoot being pregnant with my lovely talented and boss babe  friend Lillie Morales.  I love going to Lillies studio, it has such great lighting , its cozy and she always makes you feel at home. I want to share with you some of the photos from the mimi Holiday special photoshoot.

Jacket: Guess





                       Dress: Windsor 

Choker/Bracelet :Windsor 



My make up was done by my Gorgeous and talented friend Gabriella. I forgot to do my eyebrows for the shoot and she saved my life. She worked her magic and made them look pefect.She always gives me the exact look that I ask for. Dont hesitate in booking lillie and Gaby for your next photoshoot, party, wedding ect. Thank you ladies for making this shoot a success. _MG_9870-X2.jpg


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