Wow ! It’s been almost a year since my last post on here. I can’t believe it’s been that long. I been meaning to get back to blogging and I thought  why not start with my latest trip to San Antonio Texas. About 2 weeks ago I went to San Antonio Texas to dance at the BIG Salsa Festival. This is a four day event not only featuring the best international dancers but also great musicians. The workshops during the day are great for dancers to gain more experience and learn different rhythms and dance techniques. Along with sharing the same stage with extremely talented international dancers, It was extremely exciting for us because it was our first time performing as Quimbara Dance Studio. This was a great experience for us as a team and as a dance family.You can also watch our performance on YouTube. It truly is an amazing feeling being on stage with and giving it your all, we spend long hours and months preparing for one single night, but its all worth it in the end.

Our outfits are handmade and decorated by our lovely dance moms. It was so funny I tried decorating mine and i was sticking the rhinestones croocked. I said to myself its ok people wont notice from far away lol. one of the moms was like no way angie and took it from me and did it over. The moms are so sweet and they play a major roll within our team. This picture was taken in the Downtown area of San Antonio where we would go have dinner every night. The downtowan area was very quite during the week but on the weeekend it was so crowded you could barely walk. I loved how clean it was, compared to NYC and NJ. I was stuck eating Mexican American food almost everynight because most of the resturants have a mexican twist to them. I walked around , made a stop at the ALAMO to take a quick picture. I also went into the ripleys belive it or not and on a haunted roller coaster which was pretty cool. overall I had a great time. I would defitenly go back to San Antonio given the opportunity.


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