My Trip to Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas


Hey friends ! I know I am a little late with this post but I want to share some photos of my trip to Vegas. Although it was extremely hot , hotter than what I expected I still managed to have an incredible time. Fremont Street is Las Vegas Downtown District. At night it’s full of lights and live band performances and all sorts of amusing entertainment.They have plenty of shops where you can buy souvenioirs for a decent price.

I went ziplining at SlotZilla over the whole Las Vegas Downtown Strip. Below there is a photo of me with all my gear getting ready to zip line .

It was so much fun! I was afraid I was going to get that feeling of your stomach coming out of inside you like you get in roller coasters but thankfully that wasn’t the case. I actually felt pretty relaxed and had a great view from up there. It was really cool to see the city lights from a higher view point.

I was really happy to be reunited with my aunt whom I hadn’t seen In over 10 years. I had no idea she lived in Vegas until I got there and she messsaged me on facebook. It was nice to finally see her again and hang out by the pool side with her.

Later on in the day we went over to her house and I got to meet my nephew and nieces. She made us her specialty.  Thank God for her Cuban coffee ! Kept us awake all night !

I stayed at the MGM Grand. Where KA Cirque Du Soleil was being showed. I couldn’t leave Vegas without expiriencing such a show. I wish I could have filmed or taken pictures but we weren’t allows to. The show is full of high tech visuals, sounds and effects. I must say its the best show I have ever seen ! I cant wait to come back !

Eiffel Tower in Vegas

NYC in Vegas


                      Bellagio fountain

                       MGM GRAND 



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