Bloggers Helping Bloggers 

Hello everyone !  I was presented with the opportunity to participate in my first Link up called Bloggers Helping Bloggers which was organized by The Audacious Queen. Bloggers Helping Bloggers consist of 6 bloggers who reviewed each others blogs and commented on what we mostly liked about each other’s blogs. The whole point is to build each other up and support each other. I really enjoyed reading each blog and loved how each bloggers personality is expressed through there blog. It’s amazing how you can connect with someone whom you have never met by the way they express themselves through blogging. 

The Audacious Queen   

I love The Audacious Queens layout. It’s super clean and chic. The black and white layout gives her blog a super sophisticated feel. I enjoy reading her out fit posts and I love her Monthly finds , she finds super cool deals ! Her book reviews are also great and I actually decided to pick up 2 books from her book reviews. 

The Beautiful Little Fool 

My favorite thing about The Beautiful Little Fools is how it was inspired by my all time favorite Book The Great Gatsby. I also love her Sunday Inspirational quotes. I myself love to inspire and bring people up so I really enjoy reading the quotes on her blog. 

The Fashion Newcommer 

I like how this blog is about fashion but it’s not your average outfit of the day fashion blog. She goes more info depth of what’s going on in fashion and her opinions on it. 


I love Emma’s sense of fashion. I really enjoyed reading all her post. I love art and fashion so her post of the Chelsea galleries was one of my favorites ! Her daily babble has real cool information too! 

Classy Cathleen 

I love Cathleen’s about me , after reading her about me I really felt like I new her. She expresses great energy and an amazing vibe through her blog. I also enjoyed all the links She posted they are super cool and interesting. 

Empire Styles 

From the second that I entered Nicole’s page i knew I was going to love it ! I like the way she expresses her style and how she is interacts with her readers at the end of each post by asking them a question. 

I reccommend that you check these bloggers out I promise you won’t regret it ! 

Hope everyone is enjoying there summer xoxo sending good vibes your way !  


4 thoughts on “Bloggers Helping Bloggers 

  1. Great post, the best thing about blogging is becoming integrated with a network of likeminded people, specially as we live In a world that’s oversaturated with information. Your blog is coming along really nice and it’s always good to look at what other people are doing for inspiration. Keep up the great work!

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