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Hey Dolls!

Yesterday I enjoyed my day off and went over my friend Lillie’s house and played a little dress up with Milagros Clothing Designs. Milagros Clothing Design is a Fashion Company for the everyday woman. Nadine Machado is the companies president and lead designer, with her extensive experience in fashion she creates looks that are accessible, sassy, Elegant and feminine. Milagros Designs are made with the finest fabrics, carefully chosen to give each piece of clothing a distinctive appearance and reflect Nadine’s personality and passion for fashion. Nadine Studied pattern making and design at New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. She has produced gowns, worked on the runway fashion shows Gabriella Zanzani’s Couture, and the production development of scarves for Elizabeth Gillet. Nadine named her Clothing Company Milagros as a tribute to her Grandmother Milagros. who as a woman embraced her own individuality and feminine grace. Nadine aims to communicate this through her Designs.

Blue Blazer

By: Milagros Clothing Designs
_MG_8856-XL In the photo above I am wearing a light blue blazer, I fell in love with how soft and light the fabric felt.I tend to stay away from blazers in the summer because they make me HOT , but this blazer is the perfect summer blazer the fabric is light and breezy. 

White Peplum Blouse

By: Milagros Clothing Designs


The Peplum blouse looks great with everything , you can dress it up and wear a nice pencil skirt or you can dress it down for an everyday casual look and pair it with jeans, like I did. I love how she added the gold zipper in the back_MG_8876-L

Fuchsia Shoe Pattern Blouse

By: Milagros Clothing Designs
_MG_8877-LDon’t you just adore the pattern of this blouse ! If your a shoe lover like me, you will love this blouse! It Has shoes all over it ! Although its long sleeves, the fabric is soft and extremely light so you can wear it all year around !                                                                              

For Updates and New collection Information visit

Follow Nadine of Instagram : Milagrosdesigns

Photo Credits : Lillie Morales 


3 thoughts on “Milagros Clothing’s Designs

  1. I suppose that for any fashion designer bridging the gap sophistication and casual wear is perhaps one of the hardest things to do, and she does it really well. Great post.


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