East & Linbrooke Statememt Earrings 

   How about these fabulous statement  Earrings from East & Linbrooke! Aren’t they just stunning?! I am amazed at how vibrant the color and details of the earrings are. I love how I was able to utilize these earrings  dressed down as well as dressed up. Here are a few pictures of how i styled the earrings.   
In the picture above I decided to throw on a over-sized Jean blouse and throw my hair in a bun for a more casual everyday look. My goal was to make the earrings pop and this is why I chose a solid blouse, the earrings stood out and definitely gave my outfit some life.  In the picture below I decided to style the earrings up. I choose to wear pastel colors , once again because i wanted the earrings to stand out and be the center of attention. As you can see the earrings Pop out and look amazing !

 what are you waiting for ? Head over to East & Linbrooke  to place your orders! How lucky are you that with my Discount Code ANGPR10 you  will get 10% off your next purchase. Don’t forget to share with me how you styled your accessories and use the hashtag #Eastandlinbrooke !


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