Dancing Away In Baltimore


Hey Guys, I hope your weekend was as exciting as mine. This past weekend I went on a little get a Way trip to Baltimore, Md. with my Dance Team. I left Jersey Friday morning around 11 am and arrived in Baltimore around 3 pm. I checked into the Hilton Hotel at the Baltimore Harbor, where the 2015 Baltimore Salsa Congress was being hosted. As a Team this was our first Performance at a Congress and we were chosen to close the Saturday night show. I was extremely content with being chosen to close the show. All the hours we spent practicing and sweating paid off. Friday evening, I walked from my hotel room down to the harbor, which was a few blocks down. I had an delicious Strawberry Salad at Leinenkugel’s Beer Garden. I am not a fan of beer so I did not try any of their beers instead I went with a typical cranberry juice.IMG_7166 We had to be up early on Saturday morning for our 9 am rehearsal, so Friday night I took it easy and just relaxed in the hotel room with Team members. Saturday was a very important and intense day for us, rehearsal took a few hours. After rehearsing we had time to grab lunch, head to our rooms rest for an hour or two and right after we had to start getting ready for the show. From our hair to our toe nails we all have to look the same, so you can only imagine how long it takes to get 15 girls ready.


After closing the show and breaking the stage, we took a few pictures together and began our celebration. On Sunday, we went to Mo’s sea food. You can’t come to Baltimore and leave without eating crabs. Their food was amazing. I give this place 5 stars, honestly for the quality and amount of food the plates bring it is not expensive at all. I had there stuffed shrimp and scallop lobster tail, with crab cake. I am a big sea food person, so I was in heaven. DSCF0878

I really enjoyed my weekend in Baltimore, the weather was perfect, it wasn’t too cold or too hot. I was able to wear a spring dress with my knee high boots, my black fedora hat that I am obsessed with and a light jean jacket. The harbor is a great place to go bar hopping with friends  or to simply enjoy a nice family outing, during the day the harbor is very family orientated. I cant wait to plan my next trip back.


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