Stiletto Shoe Lounge


Guess who Just became the New Face and Brand Ambassador of Stiletto Shoe Lounge ! Me ! Stiletto Shoe Lounge is a luxury online shopping lounge and magazine. I was so excited when I received an email from DaMara Altman, the owner of Stiletto Shoe Lounge stating that she had chosen me to become one of the faces of her brand. I am shoe fanatic, so you can only imagine what this meant to me. I remember tip toeing into my mothers closet as a child to steal her heels and flaunt around the house. My grandmother actually bought me my first pair of heels when I was seven years old, of course against my mothers will. I was only allowed to wear them inside the house. I was beyond thrilled to have been given the opportunity to represent and be the voice of Stiletto Shoe Lounge. A few weeks after receiving such great news DaMara scheduled a photo shoot with photographer Richard Flaskegaard, that took place in Greenwich CT. at Jack Dog Studio. It was such a pleasure working with Richard, he was great at giving us direction and really did an amazing job in capturing these images.1532011_946539258723868_7833670287675015356_n

I was absolutely fascinated with how flawless my make up came out. Sara Lombardo did a fantastic job at creating the perfect look for this photo shoots theme. Shockingly because I use nothing but black eyeliner, my favorite part of the look she created was the teal eye liner that she used under my eyes. Now from time to time you’ll find me using teal eyeliner. 14702_958224900888637_1662899981178266305_n

This is a behind the scenes picture of the lovely Roshelle Monique McKinley and I. We were styled by DaMara and the Clothing was provided by Chocolate Angel Boutique. After we finished  shooting, DaMara gifted me with my first Brand Ambassador swag gift package. I received the  Marvelous Domina teal stilettos by London Trash along with a personalized nail polish from Pretty Please Nail Polish and a grunge shoe chain which you can find on Stiletto Shoe Lounge.




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